It’s a process in the Powell household; taking down the Christmas tree, the ornaments, stockings and all of our other holiday decorations. Most people put them away and return to home life as normal, but, we aren’t most people.

As soon as I put away those red and green colors, that theme is replaced with pink and red… and of course, so many hearts. Some may refer to it as a “hallmark holiday…” but for us, Valentines Day is not only another day we get to celebrate our love, but it’s also the only time I can inundate our home with so much PINK!

This year, I decided to incorporate a little more colors–unbeknownst to my husband. Every day, around 4:30 p.m., I would go check the mailbox. I patiently–or, not so patiently–waited to receive the cardboard box (which weighed more than I thought it would). When it finally arrived, I couldn’t WAIT for A.J. to open it.

It was a b e a u t i f u l January day in Bend; the sun was shining, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and it was like 50 degrees–which doesn’t usually happen this time of year. After an amazing breakfast, we went down to the river to take in the natural beauty of where we call home. Little did A.J. know, he’d be getting something more timeless than beautiful views.

I pulled out a beautifully crafted wooden box; we were both so excited. During that moment, I gave A.J. the gift of time–something we all wish we had more of. This Frankie series JORD watch was even more handsome than it looked online; it’s like it was made for A.J. and this moment–surrounded by huge trees and the Deschutes River.

Needless to say, it was a beautiful moment–in more ways than one. The Dark Sandalwood & Smoke minimalist watch is timeless and was a perfect Valentine’s Day gift. As newlyweds, I wanted to get A.J. something that symbolized our love forever, something more meaningful than Valentine’s Day sweets. This hand-crafted, all natural wooden watch spoke to me: “my time is yours,” “I’ll love you forever,” “for all of time…” It symbolizes so much; at the same time, it’s truly a stunning, handsome and timeless watch.

The best part: A.J. LOVES it; it’s something he’ll treasure and wear often. Because of how much we love this watch and JORD, I’ve teamed up with JORD to giveaway a $100 COUPON CODE! But, the added bonus–everyone else will win a 10% off code! This code won’t expire until February 11th, so you have time to figure out which watch is right for your S.O. Start checking out some of the other JORD watches, and make sure to click below to put your name in the drawing.

$100 off a JORD

Did you end up buying your person a JORD watch? Comment below and share your story!

*I am wearing a pink cashmere sweater with a plain white blouse underneath it. My vintage sweater isn’t available online, but here’s one that’s similar! I paired that with some gray corduroy pants by CARMAR; they aren’t listed online, but GAP makes some cute cords that are currently on sale! A.J. is wearing a gray blazer by GAP with some 514 Levi’s (Tumbled Rigid) and Florsheim Wingtip Chelsea Boots. Although it’s not the exact same, this coat by GAP has a lot of the same characteristics as A.J.’s!

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