About bargainbosss

My husband, A.J., is truly the one behind bargainbosss. He may know nothing about social media or clothes, but he's been the one pushing me to put pen to paper and follow my passion--and he's even the one to take all of my pictures!

bargainbosss is social, sophisticated, style. It's fashion, lifestyle and love. It's our life.

My Story

I never thought I'd be here--sitting up, typing away at my laptop, "blogging." I dreamt of being a reporter; I watched Good Day LA with Jillian Barberie religiously, paying attention to every outfit and how she got to the top. A lot of people didn't like her, but I wanted to be her.

I studied journalism and graduated Magna cum Laude at DePaul University in Chicago. In addition to my studies, I interned with CBS News for the Scott Pelley show. I was following my dream, and therefore, I blatantly ignored all of the warnings about entering a dying industry; "you'll barely get by," "you'll need your parents' money to survive!" "You'll be responsible for the jobs of seven people!" In one ear, out the other. I was going to be Jillian Barberie.

At my first TV news station, my dreams soon became a nightmare. I lost my fire for storytelling, for creating art. That could've been because it wasn't the right gig for me, but it could've also been repeatedly hearing, "make air, not art." It was quantity over quality. It was one reporter doing the job of an assignment editor, a photog, an editor, a writer and social media producer. But despite all of that extra work, I overlooked it, because without that overtime, I would just be making a few quarters over minimum wage.

I realized I was made for something more in this world; something that would be able to support my growing family and something that would still impact someone's life--in some way. So now, I'm sharing what I love with you.