How is it already October 29th?! Two days until Halloween and I have no idea what I will be wearing on the 31st. I guess planning my wedding, working and enjoying life took precedence; regardless, I will put something together and it will be fabulous. If you’re anything like me–possibly a clothes hoarder and have nothing to wear on Halloween–I got you covered.

I decided to take a look in my closet and get my creative juices flowing. Hopefully, these costumes I came up with will help you when you look in your own closet!

I own a lot of leopard–when I say a lot, I mean A LOT. My mom has always been obsessed and that obsession was passed down. If you have anything leopard–or any animal print–this outfit will work! I pulled out my Marc Jacobs leopard leggings, matching tee and paired it with some brown UGGs. If you have any animal print pajamas or a set similar to this, you’re set! But, if you have only an animal print top, scarf, pants, skirt, whatever–you can go ahead and pair it with black or brown–depending on your animal print. To complete that outfit, I’d also use some black/brown eyeliner to draw on some whiskers and a nose on your face to make the outfit a bit more obvious. If you need to run to the store for something leopard, Forever 21 is my go to; they have a ton of cute leopard stuff at super low prices.


From the jungle to a house pet, I can work with it! My family dog growing up was a Boston Terrier; Rocky is still kicking it in HB, and acts just like he did when I was 16. So, of course whenever I see something that has his little face all over it, I have to have it! I got this Boston Terrier sweatshirt from Forever 21, and the beanie was from my best friend. Surely other people are just as obsessed with their dogs that they could actually BE their dog for Halloween, right?! I’m still looking for brown pitbull attire; I think Mollie’s getting jealous..

Back in 2008–my junior homecoming!–my mom bought this LaROK dress for me for the dance. I absolutely loved that dress, so of course, it’s still on the hanger in my closet. It’s the ultimate flapper dress; I realize you may not have a dress like this, but so many dresses in our closets can be styled in a way that completely transforms them.

For example, if you have a pink dress, transform it into a Barbie dress (like I did on Halloween 2013). That is also a super easy costume; you can even print out the Barbie sign and create your own necklace with it.


Moving out of the flapper era, let’s jump a few decades to the hippie years. Throw on an old jean skirt or some flared jeans–that time was all about that wide leg!!! Put on some boots, some type of hippie top and big sunglasses; don’t forget to keep your hands in a peace sign–and you’re all good. I threw on some vintage pants and sunglasses I got at a consignment shop, a jean button down top from Big Star and my same brown UGGs.

From peace, love and happiness to “Back in Black.” I have a ton of band shirts, and if you share the same obsession, then this is an easy costume. I threw on my AC/DC crop top from Forever 21, my black leather shorts from The Ragged Priest, some Wolford tights, my Jeffrey Campbells and some funky jewelry I had to complete the outfit. If you don’t have leather shorts, ripped jeans are a great back up with some biker boots and of course, big hair and lots of makeup.

If you have a black outfit, you can literally be anything. I had this Forever 21 peacock headband from a costume back in 2010–back when I had time to make all of my costumes. If you have any type of hair piece or mask from past costumes, throw it on with black and you’re solid. My dress is from For Love & Lemons; it’s also listed on my Poshmark!

Lastly, my favorite go to over the years is always a cowgirl. This is such an easy costume for basically anyone. Ripped jeans, shorts or a skirt plus some type of plaid (or even a solid!) and cowboy boots equals cowgirl. I threw on a Levi skirt my mom made from my grandpa’s old 501 Levis, a plaid button down from LF, my cowboy boots and a cowboy hat my mom gave me. *Quick tip: If you have an old plaid shirt you don’t care about, cut the sleeves at the seam and toss it in the wash; this will really create that frayed, country look!

Don’t forget other easy costumes, like a school girl! All you need is a plaid skirt, white button down shirt and some glasses. If you’re still clueless as to what you’re going to wear, I always head into a consignment shop; prices tend to be great and there’s unique items no one else will have.

Which costume did you like the best?! I’d love to hear your thoughts. And of course, Happy Halloween! 🙂

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