Greasy, itchy, stringy–and maybe a little musty.

We all know what dirty hair feels–and smells–like… and as much as we hate it, we let it happen.

What if I told you, maybe you’re doing it wrong… and maybe, just maybe, you can wait an extra day or two before pulling out your hats or looking up “hairstyles that hide dirty hair.”

New York City colorist Cherise Wilson shares how we can get a deeper clean, all while saving product.

What’s the secret?

Cherise says the best way to clean your hair is to lather and rinse twice with a smaller amount of shampoo.

What does that do?

The first round of shampoo breaks up the oil production on your scalp and cuts through all of the product buildup that you’ve had. ¬†Cherise says after you wash that out, do it all over again. This second round of washing will bring more bubbles and lather, all while providing an actual deep clean.


Cherise says it’s important to wash your hair every other day, or if you can, every third day.

But why?

“Washing your hair every single day causes your hair to lose some of its natural oils, therefore, your body overproduces oil onto your scalp making it oilier,” Cherise said.

So, what shampoo and conditioner should we be using? Cherise shares her top three choices–no matter your budget–on the blog tomorrow!

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