It’s a buzzkill. You step outside, and almost immediately, all of the time you spent on your hair was basically for nothing. It’s frizzy, untameable and not a good look. What if I told you there may be a way to keep your mane tamed?

NYC hair colorist, Cherise Wilson, says leave-in conditioners may be the secret to this summer hair problem. She explains the benefits and how to apply the product.

Cherise says one of the most obvious benefits of leave-in conditioners is eliminating frizz… If that’s not enough of a reason to pick up some products, it also protects your hair from heat, the sun and other natural elements. It also restores and heals damaged, color-treated or dry hair, while also prepping your mane for styling products and giving it the strength it needs.

When applying, Cherise says it’s best to towel dry your hair and apply it from the bottom of your hair to the top.

Cherise’s recommended leave-in oils

OGX Moroccan Argan Oil Healing Oil Spray

At just $5.69, this is a very affordable spray. A little bit of this goes a long way, all while protecting your hair against damaging UV and heat.

amika Glass Action Universal Elixir

This product penetrates the hair follicle and strengthens hair; it’s free of sulfates, artificial color and other chemicals that can be harmful to your hair. This product is priced at $28. Cherise says this is an amazing product that’s worth the price.

Milbon Luminous Bodifying Oil

This product enhances smoothness and shine for coarse hair. It provides heat protection and gives maximum body for styling purposes. It runs around $36.

Milbon Luminous Softening Oil

This product softens and tames coarse, unruly hair making it more movable. It also runs around $36 and is made for fine hair.

Cherise’s recommended leave-in sprays

Sally’s Organics Pure Rose Water Spray

This product isn’t just for your hair–it could be used as a room fragrance, for your face, or your neck. It’s $11.98, which is totally worth the price of being chemical-free.

It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product

This product eliminates frizz, restores shine and brings back that natural luster. At just $12.33, it’s worth joining the tribe.

Color Wow Cocktails

These products are AWESOME! Cherise has recommended the Coconut Cocktail for me in the past, and I have been using it religiously since. Color Wow has three different leave-ins, depending on what kind of hair you have. If you’re experiencing breakage, the Kale Cocktail is the one for you, but if you have dehydrated or straw-like hair (like I once did), pick up the Coconut Cocktail. Lastly, for thin or flat hair, go with the Carb Cocktail. These are $24, but you only need to use a little bit. I’ve been using my 6.7 fl oz bottle for over a year now!

Lanza Healing ColorCare Color Preserving Trauma Treatment

This product improves color results and longevity of your hair. It can not only be used as a leave-in, but also as a rinse-out treatment. It runs around $29, and is ideal for all types of hair.

Christophe Robin Hydrating Leave-in Mist with Aloe Vera

This product is great for straight, wavy, curly, coiled and tightly coiled hair. It hydrates and comforts the scalp while adding texture; it also makes your hair smell great and works awesome as a detangler. At $39, it’s more of a splurge-worthy product, but it’s worth the price.

What do you want Cherise to talk about next month? Share your hair questions below!

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