I’ve been anticipating Hearth & Hand with Magnolia for months now. As a Target fanatic, I always love the collabs (do you remember when they collabed with Missoni?!). A.J. and I absolutely love Fixer Upper; Chip and Jo’s love, faith and eye for building and designing a home is spot on.

Because of this, you know I was at Bend’s Target as they unlocked the doors–despite the approximately four inches of snow we got overnight.




I was on a mission; I checked out the lookbook as soon as it dropped. I had to have the green plaid pajamas, not only for me, but also A.J. and of course, the matching bandana for Mollie. The pajamas were under $25 each! I had a total vision; our Christmas picture in our plaid pajamas, laughing and smiling together (just like the photo ad) in front of our fireplace. Maybe a little cheesy, but who doesn’t love some queso?

I immediately walked through the little setup; it was a little underwhelming. There were not that many items available at the Bend location–including my desired pajamas and matching bandana. I immediately asked the store clerk if possibly the pajamas were in a different section. Unfortunately, the Bend location was not carrying them in store.



I pulled up Target’s website in my phone, quickly tapped to add the woman’s pajamas in my cart, and then got to the men’s… THEY ONLY HAD A SMALL. My Christmas picture dreams soon became a nightmare, and I wanted nothing from the Hearth & Hand collab; maybe I was a bit harsh… I really liked the wreath and the candles smelled amazing… but I’m still getting over the loss of the pajamas. Fingers crossed they do another collab soon!

The good news: we got a free Starbucks for going to the launch. The learning lesson: stick to buying collabs online as soon as they debut; the store may not have it.

The other good news: we have the rest of our day, plus an extra hour since it was daylight savings! We’re going to play in the fresh snow, drink hot coco and cheer on the Falcons. I hope you all had better luck with the Hearth & Hand collection! Did you buy anything from the collab? Time to start thinking of a new Christmas picture…

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