It was a fuschia polo. That’s all it was. But I loved it for more than the east coast look and the way it fit on my body. No, I loved it because there was a little alligator on the upper left side of my chest–something so small, so simple, yet it spoke so loud. That was more than a decade ago. Back when everyone–including myself–was wearing velour tracksuits that had a little “J” hanging from the zipper. The difference now? We’ve come full circle. We’re back to the signature Lacoste and Juicy Couture days. Logos have been and are continuing to make a strong comeback in 2018.

For me, it started last year with the GG belt (refer to my blog post about the Gucci belt craze). It was everywhere… and it’s still just as popular. But now, we’re beginning to see more logos making a comeback and more designers following in on this logomania craze. But, how can you achieve this logo look without overdoing it?

My advice? Add little logo elements to your look.

Don’t be head to toe in logo. Make your look stand out by combining fun pieces. Break fashion’s rules. Do what feels right to you. For me, it’s usually a logo belt with some jeans, a crazy cool t-shirt and a leather jacket. Or, maybe it’s a sweater with a logo and a fun purse. My point is, although there is the world of fashion, make your own world of fashion… and most importantly, have fun doing it.


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