Whether it’s a cord vest or those pants you deem the best, corduroy is not taking a rest. The look is making a comeback–that’s according to Vogue and Refinery29, just to name a few popular sites. For me, cords always make an appearance this time of year; it’s one of those fall closet staples that keeps my look different from everyone else–whether the ribbed, cord look is in “season” or not.

I have always embraced corduroy for a number of reasons. Most importantly, I love the vintage look to them; it’s a texture that’s been around forever, and it’s gone through many different fashion seasons–which to me, is awesome because there are a million different ways to wear the material. Plus, let’s not overlook how comfortable and soft corduroy is! Lastly, if it wasn’t for my mother forcing me to wear cords and appreciate them as a child, I probably wouldn’t be so fond of them today.

Aside from all of that, and maybe the most important reason why I love corduroy is because I think it’s fun. It’s something different that not many wear, and I’m okay with that (been repping cowboy boots in HB, CA since I was in elementary school!). Everyone has their own sense of fashion and style, and that’s what makes this industry, this art, so fun, different and exciting.


So, as for how I styled my corduroy today… I chose to wear my purple cords from LF because who doesn’t love purple?! Because of the high-waist, I decided to go with a vintage crop top I had from Custo Barcelona. With purple corduroy pants, the sky is the limit when it comes to what to wear on top; you can go for a plain, solid tee or turtleneck, a patterned top, literally so many options.




My next outfit is with a black corduroy blazer from Juicy Couture back in the day. I chose to wear a Blondie band tee I have from Junk Food, put on a fun, patterned scarf from Nordstrom and some ripped, high-waisted skinny jeans from Just USA. I like to think of corduroy–especially in this sense as more of a blazer/jacket–as a casual piece of clothing. So, for this jacket, I think casual underneath is the way to go; plus, it’s a different way to dress up an old band tee.

Although the cord pants I wore are not online, I did find some similar that are ON SALE for just $30 at Gap! Forever 21 also has a ton of cute corduroy stuff right now–more so in the skirts and dresses department. As for my blazer, I found the same one on Poshmark for $35!

Whether you end up wearing corduroy or not, I will continue to rock my cords. At the end of the day, embrace who you are and whatever your style consists of; that’s what makes you you!


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