“What time is it?”

“It’s 8:30 p.m.”

2.75 hours, 21.25 hours to go. Not even three hours into National Day Of Unplugging, and I was already fidgeting.

“I can do this,” I repeated to myself.

But the sad truth is… I barely could. I wanted to see how many likes that one photo got, if anyone called/texted me or listen to my expansive iTunes library.

This was definitely a learning experience. I learned I truly am addicted to my phone and all things connected, but I also realized the importance of my phone. It’s how I’m able to communicate with my mom–who’s over 850 miles away. It’s my flashlight when I take Mollie outside before we go to bed. Ironically, it’s also how I disconnect–whenever I work out, I zone out to my iTunes library blasting in my ears. Despite all of these conveniences associated with a smartphone, this time away showed me maybe I’m a little too dependent on this man-made piece of technology… and maybe, just maybe, it’s important to step away more often.

For now, I’m going to break up with my phone for at least an hour a day… We’ll see how that goes.



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