I was so nervous. My heart was racing. I felt like I was holding my breath the entire car ride. Mollie was quiet in the back seat, and I was driving behind a Penske truck on a one lane, narrow and windy road. The truck was tilting the whole way… and the driver, was my husband. bargainbosss-fashion-lifestyle-blogger

I never thought about that drive again… until now, one year later. Was I nervous because of the tilting truck? Absolutely. Was I also nervous because of the change that was coming our way? Maybe a little bit.

After almost three years of living in southern Oregon, A.J. and I decided it was time for a new adventure. We were set on Seattle; I was ready to get back to a big city. bargainbosss-fashion-lifestyle-blog

We had a place lined up. It was just two weeks out before we would be making the trek up the 5. Last minute, we changed our minds and moved to Bend.

One year here, and I wouldn’t have changed it for anything. 

We had no friends. We knew no one here. But we did it.

Sometimes, you need to break out of your shell. Sometimes, you need to move around and find the place you will forever call home. And sometimes, when you do those things, really good things happen.

I’ve grown as a young professional, have landed dream opportunities and work with amazing people every day. I even made a friend or three… (yes, Amanda, I’m talking about you!). And, I’ve even sort of learned how to drive in the snow… keyword: sort of.

There is so much to see in life. So many experiences waiting to be had. A.J. and I feel like we live in the most magical place in the world… and you know what? We do.bargainbosss-fashion-lifestyle-blog

So, what am I saying? Life is an adventure. Don’t be afraid to do what you love. If you studied and thought you’d be a journalist and then realized you were made for something more (aka, me), don’t be afraid to realize that and stop. Life is short. Dream big. Fall down. Try again. Don’t be afraid to leave the place you called home for all of your life and start a new adventure somewhere else. There is no greater blessing than experiencing what this life is all about.

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