My home growing up was filled with leopard; leopard chairs, leopard paintings, leopard rugs, even leopard carpet–if it was leopard, my mother owned it. Growing up in that jungle of a home, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the animal print, and have since expanded my own leopard collection.

That being said, today, I am talking about the leopard faux fur coat trend. I LOVE adding a faux fur coat to my outfit–especially now that I live in the mountains!

A.J. just bought me this one from Forever21, and I am so obsessed! I prefer a longer coat, and I absolutely love the pattern on this one; it also brings your outfit to a different and fun level. The best part–it was only $69.90! I ordered it in a large so I can layer up nicely underneath, and so it would be a little longer. Forever21 is sold out on this one, but I rounded up a bunch of other leopard faux fur coat options that I love for not only the look, but also the price tag.

Since I bought mine at Forever21, I am going to start off with this one first; I think it’s a great leopard pattern, and it’s still on the longer side. Plus, it’s just $49.90!

Moving our way over to one of my favorite retailers–who doesn’t love Target–I am blown away by the price and look of this coat. I actually almost bought this one when we went to the Hearth & Hand with Magnolia opening, but I decided against it because my local Target only had one left–and it wasn’t in my size. But for those intrigued, it’s only $39.99! What I also appreciate about this coat is that it can also be purchased in an XXL–which is a nice plus for a lot of women.

One of my friends turned me over to ASOS, and I haven’t looked back. They usually have really great items, and it seems like they always have amazing deals too. I like this coat because it’s completely different than the other three I just shared. The colors are a little softer, and the pattern is totally awesome. This coat is going to cost you a bit more–Christmas present for yourself, maybe? It was originally priced at $162, but it’s now on sale for $111–it’s still a great deal for the coat!

Let’s bring that price down a bit now, as I like to stay in the “under $100” range. This H&M coat is $79.99–maybe the price will be knocked down for Black Friday or Cyber Monday? I love this coat because the pattern is totally different–to me, it looks almost like a snow leopard! I think this coat is bold and will stand out in a crowd because of that unique color pattern.

The last coat I’m going to share with you is the least expensive, and it’s so chic and modern with its lightweight look. Originally priced at $98, it’s now down to just $28.97!! Plus, since it’s on Nordstrom Rack, you’ll be able to incur Nordstrom Notes–which is always a plus.

What do you think of the leopard faux fur coat trend? Further, how do you like my roundup? Feel free to share your pictures in your faux fur coats!

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