It was never intentional. It’s not like I ever bought a box of hair dye and wanted my hair to be green. But, if you held a cucumber next to my hair, that dark green color may have not been so different from the one on my head.

I grew up with a chlorine pool. It was like clockwork; every summer, my blonde locks would take on a green hue. One year, my mom actually bought me a “green out” shampoo. I honestly couldn’t tell you how well that shampoo worked, but NYC hair colorist, Cherise Wilson, says there are several ways to keep your hair safe from chlorine, salt water pools and the sun.

bargainbosss-fashion-bloggerAlthough salt is great for a lot of things–like seasoning tacos or treating wounds–it can actually really damage your hair. Overexposure to salt water can leave your hair dehydrated, making it so dull and tangled it could be hard to brush. It can also cause split ends–which no one wants.

As much as I love that vitamin D, overexposure to the sun can also wreak havoc on your hair. It can cause discoloration, frizziness and split ends, all while giving your hair a dry look and feel. 

How can we protect our hair from the sun, chlorine and salt water?

Cherise says it’s best to put on an oil or a conditioner on your hair before you get in the sun. If you don’t have any–or you forget because you’re too excited to jump in–get your hair wet first from a shower, then you can jump in. By soaking your hair in pure water first, your hair won’t be able to absorb all of the chlorine or salt it would have normally taken in. 

Cherise’s recommended products

Courtesy: Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
$4.99 for 16oz

Coconut oil is a great, low-price option for keeping your hair moisturized. Personally, I use it regularly on my hair to keep it looking shiny and fresh. Unfortunately, Trader Joe’s doesn’t allow you to shop online, but you don’t have to just get it from TJ’s. Just make sure it’s organic and virgin coconut oil.


Courtesy: Target

Target Sun Bum 3 in 1 Leave In Hair Conditioner
$14.99 for 4oz

This product is going to shield your hair from the sun and wind, while preventing split ends and slowing down any color fading. Not only can you apply it before you go outside, but you can also apply it after a day in the ocean or at the pool.


Courtesy: Color Wow

Color Wow Pop & Lock Gloss Treatment
$20 for 55ml

This serum forms a crystal clear, high-gloss sheath which holds in the lubricants. It tames frizz, adds a layer of shine and provides UV protection.


Courtesy: Kevin Murphy

about $30 for 5ml

Kevin Murphy doesn’t sell their products online, but many salons around the nation carry their products. This weightless, absorbing lotion provides UV protection for long or fine hair.


Courtesy: Christophe Robin

Christophe Robin Moisturizing hair oil with lavender
$47 for 5.1oz

This hair oil may be more of a splurge, but it actually has SPF6 in it, which is not only going to protect your hair from the sun, but also from chlorine and salt water. It’s made for all hair types and is made of 97.6%  natural plant oils.

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