So many things scream the season’s color–from love to Christmas, to a deep Bourdeaux, or that red MAC that stains your glass. Red has it’s way of capturing times that mean so much. That’s why when I found out the color of the 2017 fall/winter season was red, I raised my glass and rummaged through my closet.

Red isn’t really one of those colors I own a lot of. In fact, I always thought it was too extreme or too bold for me. But the fun part about the color is that there are so many different hues, and with that, so many different ways to spice it up.

I always aim to not look like everyone else; it’s something my mom taught me as a young girl. Why blend in when you can stand out? I pulled out the few items of red that I own to inspire you to challenge yourself–maybe hit up a consignment shop or two–and embrace this color.

I first found these red Rich & Skinny jeans; I’ve owned them for several years now. I usually wear them with a denim button down, but I decided to look for something else in my closet. I paired my red jeans with this vintage, cold shoulder flannel top from LF. Unfortunately, this is a one of a kind top, so I couldn’t find one similar, but I did find this red cold shoulder flannel on Poshmark. This outfit screams Oregon Christmas to me; the colors are fun and not something you wear everyday, plus who doesn’t love a little gold jewelry to accent your look?

My second outfit is an easy and popular look right now. If you can’t tell by now, I love plaid! This red and black plaid sweater dress was another vintage item from LF, but there are so many places selling plaid dresses right now. I think this one from Forever 21 is super cute, and I even love the white tee underneath for a simple, casual look. Modcloth also has a really cute plaid sweater dress. I love the chic, effortless look this provides; put on a black choker, tights/leggings (or even go bare!), and some cute black boots and you’re set.

My last outfit is probably my favorite because it encompasses red suede ankle platform booties! These Dolce Vita shoes are so fun and retro–and will for sure be in use until the snow comes! I decided to go with a simple look only because I really want to show off the shoes here. I have on some Old Navy skinny jeans and a sheer off-white blouse; that’s all it takes for a little winter date night outfit. I couldn’t find a similar blouse to mine, but Poshmark has a ton of sheer blouses!

Moral of the story: red’s in, but you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to wear the “it” color. Look through your closet, or better yet, support your local consignment shops for a different, fun red look. Also, don’t forget I sell my clothes regularly on Poshmark, so make sure to check out my closet too.

What do you think of this trend? How do you like my outfits? Share your comments below!

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