Pretty sure it’s safe to say that everyone has done it. Every single person at some point in their life has spilled on their white tee. It may happen more often at my house–cough, A.J. cough–but it’s one of those risks you take every time you take a bite.

In the past, white may have been considered risky, loud and not on trend, but this season, it’s considered a dominant shade. Personally, I love white skinny pants. I don’t care if it’s in season or not–kind of like how I don’t care that my husband always spills on his t-shirts–in the spring and summer time, you can guarantee to find me in some white skinny jeans.

Where to find yourself a pair?

michael-kors-skinny-white-jeans-bargainbosss-blogMy Michael Kors skinny jeans are actually from TJ Maxx; I bought them back in 2016. I definitely recommend always checking out those major retailers like TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack before purchasing pretty much anything. You never know what you’ll find for a major discount.

I round up three different pairs–at varying prices and different locations–for you to check out.

Forever 21

These white skinny jeans are listed at just $15.90! I like these not only for the price point, but also because I’m a sucker for some rips in my jeans.

Old Navy

These mid-rise white jeans are on sale for $25. Not only do they have good reviews, but they also have a good looking fit.


These Articles of Society distressed skinny jeans are $68, but they are completely different than the last two. These jeans have a cropped bottom–which is so on trend. I love pairing my own cropped jeans with some cute booties to not only show off the fray of the pants, but also my cute shoes.

Are you going to wear some white skinny jeans this season? Share your thoughts on the comments below!

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