Some may think of it as a spur of the moment trend, but its roots run deeper than that for me. During this confusing time in our nation, it makes sense that the western look is stomping back into our lives.

The American identity is sort of falling apart; there’s a visible divide that’s hurting everything we thought we knew about our government and what’s right versus wrong. What better time to go back to what we know–something as simple, yet so powerful, as cowgirl boots.

They’re a symbol of western identity, a boot that was born out of necessity; there’s a spirit of independence, some self-reliance that is needed when you live, work, eat and breathe your land. Despite what’s going on in the world, my cowgirl boot roots remind me I am free… and sometimes, the symbolism of my outfits speaks louder than words.

Fashion trends aren’t always just a fad, it’s also a playground for political activism and symbolism most people would miss. So, pull out your boots and stomp it out.

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