It’s officially my favorite season; nothing makes me happier than seeing the colors change on the trees and indulging in some PSLs. The cooler temperatures in Bend may have me running for my winter coats, but I’m not giving in just yet–and I have a great reason why.

While A.J. and I were on our honeymoon in Waikiki, I had to forcefully pull him into the three-floors of Forever 21–I’m sure someone can relate. In Bend, there is no Forever 21–which sucks–so of course, I had to check it out.

Lucky me, it was actually A.J.–the one who didn’t want to be there–who first spotted the deal. This floral bomber jacket is not only so cute, but it also brings out a bit of a girly personality to the traditionally masculine bomber.



Aside from all of the ways this bomber can be worn, there’s an even better reason why we left with that plastic yellow bag in hand; it’s only $10!

I decided to put the bomber to the test on Saturday. We went up to the local mountains with Mollie. It was about 35 degrees, but the sun was out in full force. I decided to pair my bomber with some things I already had in my closet–a pink turtleneck, skinny jeans, black boots and a belt. Based on our trip to the snow, I would say I don’t recommend wearing this jacket in really cold temperatures, as the lightweight jacket is definitely just for looks.

  • Band tees are always my go to, especially when the band is Def Leppard.
  • This top is for sale on my Poshmark! And yes, there are cutouts on the shoulders--because who doesn't love that?
  • This Moschino top is so fun, and can be yours! It's for sale on my Poshmark!
  • This Splendid pink thermal always gets pulled out around this time of year, and fortunately, the pinks match perfectly.
  • If you can't tell, I love that ombre look. This sweatshirt is from Forever 21, but is no longer listed on its website.
  • The Topshop lace top is for sale on my Poshmark!
  • This LF fringe top is for sale in my closet on Poshmark!
  • This lace top is for sale on my Poshmark!
  • Because denim is always a good idea. This Forever 21 dress is not on the shelves anymore, but I did link one that looks similar.


Just as the bomber has evolved, so have the ways this transitional jacket can be worn. I would also wear it with an old band t-shirt or something fun that differentiates itself from the solid olive green and patched pink roses. You can dress it up or dress it down; wear it over a cute dress! If you’re not that bold and confident in wearing something like that, you can always wear it over a plain white tee and some ripped jeans.

What will be the next bomber look hitting the runways? I’m eager to find out, but for now, I’m enjoying this purchase.

Mollie, A.J. and me at Todd Lake, with Mt. Bachelor peaking in the background

What do you think of the bomber jacket? Share your thoughts and pics of your outfits with bombers!

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Blooms and bombers, the beloved jacket lives on

  1. Rebecca rakhshani says:

    You are Beautiful and extremely talented!!
    Leathal combination……💗

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