According to NY Databases, that’s how many people lived in West Palm Beach, Florida in 2010.

A whole population worth of people.

It’s also how many people attended Coachella’s six days of music in 2016.

But Coachella isn’t just one of the biggest music festivals in the world, it’s also become its own fashion season.

Most festival-goers spend money and time trying to find the perfect festival outfits–myself included. Each festival–every year–it’s slightly different in the fashion world. This year, I’m sharing my fashion suggestions for Coachella that are different than all of the other “festival guides” listed on major clothing retailer websites.

Crochet Tops

Okay, this one might sound like something everyone else will be wearing, but to make it different, don’t go buying it at just any place. All of my crochet tops are vintage; I bought them from the person who made them–or from a consignment shop–so there wouldn’t be any two alike. Fortunately for you, I am selling some of mine (click here to check out my vintage collection of crochet tops–perfect for Coachella!). If those don’t intrigue you, I would look up some crochet tops at your local second hand shop, or even Etsy.

Denim skirts

Mom jeans are what’s in right now, and I’m sure we’re going to see tons of pictures of people at Coachella rocking them… but for those insane temperatures and the lack of breathability, I am suggesting denim skirts–but not just any kind, of course, I’m referring to some vintage Levi’s. I would recommend finding some old jean skirts or even an old pair of men’s Levis and doing a little DIY to make your perfect skirt. I’d throw on some patches, give it a distressed look, whatever it is, it would be your own.

Fringe booties

Breathability is really important when you’re dancing in the desert… but, you’re in the desert, surrounded by dirt… so the last thing I recommend is wearing sandals. I own these ivory fringe booties by Matisse¬†and absolutely love them. They have a good amount of breathability and really make an outfit. You have to have some fringe when you go to a festival.

Cowboy boots

The western look is back–YES!–so why not rock some cowboy boots with your outfit? It’s on trend, keeps your feet as clean as they could be and really will add to the outfit. For me, cowboy boots are a no-brainer. If you don’t have any, some consignment shops usually do!


Jewelry is a must for any festival outfit–especially some funky jewelry that maybe you wouldn’t normally rock at your day job. I would wear some big, statement earrings, lots of bangles on your wrists and layer a few different necklaces. To achieve this look, I’d hit up Forever 21’s jewelry aisle for cheap deals on some fun pieces. Festival fashion isn’t the same as everyday fashion, so go all out with your outfits.

Are you going to Coachella? Share your outfits in the comments below!

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