Happy Sunday! I hope you all had a fabulous day today. When I think of Sundays, I think of church and brunch… so it’s only fitting that I post on this topic today.

I’m hitting rewind on the time clock, and taking you back to September 9th. It was a beautiful, sunny day in Huntington Beach, CA–and a day I’ll never forget; that afternoon was my bridal shower.

About 30 people were able to make it–some traveling as far as Washington state and Chicago! It was a perfect day with so many amazing ladies that have been apart of my life. I had an absolute blast–and I think everyone else did too.

My mother was the one to make it all happen. She put on a brunch bridal shower for me–because eggs are my favorite, and who doesn’t love mimosas?! We had a ton of food–a salad, two different quiches, bagels, and other breakfast items; not to mention all of the amazing desserts we had–Sprinkles cupcakes, homemade macaroons from our family friend who is the most amazing baker ever, and a Susie Cake (which is my absolute favorite!! If you live near one, you HAVE to try their coconut cake!). As for the mimosas, they weren’t just any mimosas. We used Trader Joe’s almond champagne and fresh squeezed orange juice from the orange trees on my grandma’s property in San Diego County. To make it fun and extra tasty, we froze the OJ in big cubes and used them as ice; not only did the frozen juice keep your drink cool, but when it melted, it completed the drink–and of course, it looked really cool.

What also looked really cool–all of the decorations my mom scored. She already owned a lot of the things we used to decorate, but boy, did she get crafty!

She had her boyfriend make this sign–he actually put the wood together and spray painted the heart–how cute is that! We put that outside her gate, almost acting as a sign to direct the partygoers to us. This is something that is an easy DIY with a very low budget, and it was just such a cute way for everyone to be greeted.

This is what it looked like once you walked through the gate; underneath the table cloths are banquet-style plastic folding tables! My mom has a million of those bamboo folding chairs, but she says they can be rented at some party places. We put up the umbrellas for some shade, and it just adds another cuteness factor. Considering it was in Huntington Beach (where I grew up), we put shells on the tables, candles and some pretty succulents.

I had to have the “love” balloon because I think those are just so adorable. We hung that up over where I opened presents. Underneath, there was also a “Kiss the Miss Goodbye” canvas. We had a friend make mine, but I linked one from Etsy that’s under $5! Every woman kissed the canvas with their lipstick on; it’s something I will cherish forever!

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As for the rest of the decorations that we found (the man and woman figurines, the “best day ever” sign, “bride and groom sign,” and the hanging date) were all purchased at Hobby Lobby! The best part–they were all under $20, and it gets even better for you–they’re all on sale!

I contemplated–and even struggled–with whether to have games or not. I decided not to and I think that wast the best decision I made. All of us ladies were able to talk and enjoy each others company.

Even though it all looked so dang cute, when I look back on this day, it will always be about my family and friends that showered me with love–and champagne–before I said “I do.”

*I borrowed my dress from one of my besties out of Chicago. She got it from ChicWish. My shoes were red Marc Jacobs heels I borrowed from my mother’s closet.

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