Boutiques are showcasing their wintry, warm pieces–all in different shades of red and pink; home stores smell of roses, and hearts are hanging from bookstore windows. Everywhere you look, the spirit of Valentine’s Day is alive… and I’m totally okay with it.

Being that it is the season of love, I am going to share the pieces in my closet that I absolutely l o v e. It’s not necessarily the item, but what the item does to the outfit; it’s how all of the pieces together tell a story.  Sometimes, a critical part of the story is missing–maybe it’s MIA from your closet, or you just weren’t inspired to think to add that one piece to your outfit.

I hope this post today encourages you to think outside the box, but most importantly, I hope this read brings you the confidence you need to rock your own look–or something greater in life.

High-waisted studded black belt

This belt has been apart of my wardrobe since 2008. Why do I remember? “Sex and the City” just came out in theaters, and Carrie Bradshaw’s high-waisted studded belt was the focal point of many perfect outfits that will forever be ingrained in my mind.

After seeing the movie in theaters, my mom randomly went to Target one day, and found these belts. She bought us both one, and since then, it’s been the accessory that’s completed my look. It’s traveled with me to so many different places: New York, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Las Vegas, Oregon, California, Hawaii–I can absolutely keep going, but I think you get the point. It’s been paired with pants, skirts and dresses, and it’s been through A LOT for a cheap belt. Although the GG belt (click here to see my past blog post on that topic) and other belts with designer logos are still going to be the craze for 2018, I think a bold belt–a belt that pulls together an outfit–is something that should be in every closet. For me, it’s this one, and if I’m fortunate enough, I hope to continue to put this bad boy on for many more years to come.

*This outfit is one of my favorites. It’s not only professional, but it can also be worn out on the town. I am wearing a simple, white button down blouse with a Forever21 sweater dress over it. Unfortunately, they don’t sell that dress anymore, so here’s one that resembles it. I couldn’t find my exact belt, but I did find this one from SHEIN that’s somewhat similar for just $7!

Long, professional coat

Another one of my mother’s buys–thank you, mom–and I couldn’t be more grateful. I personally LOVE the color gray. It can be worn with basically any color, and it’s just one of those neutrals that I can’t help but do a double take on when I’m strolling the clothing aisles. This coat is warm, but most importantly, it’s the look of it. It’s one of those coats I have worn to so many interviews, meetings and forums. In my opinion, it’s stylish, yet still classy, polished and professional. As much as I love the trendy stuff, something you can rely on and just grab and go is so important to any wardrobe. That’s what this piece is for me. A.J. and I actually just bought this coat rack from Crate & Barrel, and this coat is always hanging from it–just waiting for me to pull it off and run out the door–which I do very often.

*This coat is made by re:named apparel. My mom got it for me at Luna B! I can’t find the exact one, but here’s a cool gray coat for under $30! My scarf is also an oldie–made by Lauren Ralph Lauren; here’s a similar cable-knit scarf.

Funky heels

Okay, this may not be one that I wear often… like, at all. Although I have dozens of shoes, I literally wear the same boots everyday. It might be because they’re extremely comfortable, or because their studs are only slightly noticeable–so I can get away with wearing them in a professional environment (refer to almost every IG post for these boots). BUT, I am challenging myself to wear all those heels I’ve bought over the years–the ones who spoke to me enough to quickly hand over my credit card and make the purchase. When I put on these heels today, I was not only taller in a physical sense, but also in a symbolic sense. I felt even more confident and empowered. You may be thinking: how can these silly shoes make her feel this way? It’s because during this age and this climate, I am proud to be a woman. I am proud to be able to put on those heels and click my way around town. Lastly, I am proud to be able to wear something that I think is awesome–despite what others may think or say. Confidence is a huge component of style; if you’re not confident in what you’re wearing, the outfit won’t work. Confidence is also exactly what we need to continue to stand up–in our heels, boots, or slippers–and speak up.

*I bought these Kelsi Dagger Eva booties several years ago. Unfortunately, Nordstrom doesn’t have them in stock right now, but eBay and Tradesy have a few different sizes!

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