The melodic voice of Bixby slowly brings me back to consciousness. Considering I’m an iPhone person, the Bixby briefing isn’t something I ever thought I’d wake up to, but A.J.’s Galaxy “alarm” sure is a nice way to start your day (so is coffee, but I’ll get to that later).

It’s the first month of the year, but that doesn’t mean this is what you think it is; no, I’m not going to share my New Years resolutions with you. What if I don’t actually end up learning how to do the splits by December 31st, 2018? Then, I have to write about how I totally didn’t have time because, you know, LIFE HAPPENED, and then it would just be a waste of both of our time. Instead, I want to share the little things–those things that sometimes can be hard, but make such a difference in my day and ultimately, the things that motivate me to be my best self.


Easier said than done, right? Lately, I’ve been going too fast and haven’t slowed down to just take a look around. “Beautiful things are everywhere.” I saw that on an L train while I was living in Chicago, and that statement stuck with me because… it’s true. When you’re so connected to your phone, social media, etc. those beautiful things slide right past your vision.

I know I’m kind of a hypocrite here. I mean, I am OBSESSED with social media and my blog, but at the same time, I think it’s so important to just give yourself some time every day to disconnect and enjoy whatever you stumble upon.

When I take Mollie on our daily walks, I try to disconnect from everything and focus on the present. It is in those moments that I see such beauty I would’ve never seen if I had my head down at my phone–whether it’s the sun hitting the fir trees just right or Mollie smelling a deer and acting like a crazy happy dog. Those moments with her inspire me to be a better dog owner, to love my dog like she loves me and to give her these special moments that make that little nub wag faster than anything I’ve ever seen.


There’s a reason why the most successful and educated human beings read… There’s a link between the two. I’ve always been an avid reader, but over the last couple of months, I’ve found myself too busy to finish my Settle For More book by Megyn Kelly. A.J. got it for me at the airport before we left for our wedding. I have literally less than 75 pages left from that travel experience, but I just haven’t made time in my day to do so. I know it can be hard to prioritize your time–trust me, I’m still getting the hang of it–but I think actively prioritizing for more time to read is so important. There’s just something about holding a book and feeling its pages, reading line by line and hearing nothing but those words in your head and the turn of the pages. Again, it’s about disconnecting for a moment in a connected world and focusing on some good literature.


I know, it sounds silly, but I think this one is more powerful than you think. My planner has a bunch of different inspirational statements in it. As I flip through the pages to get to the date I’m looking for, I see a different colored page that stands out from the rest of them; on that page, “You got this!”

When A.J. and I were at Target looking at different planners, I thought these little statements were cheesy. I almost didn’t get this planner because of them, but, there was a reason I decided to go with this one. No, it wasn’t for the pink and gold cover–although, that was a definite plus–but there was an underlying reason that I didn’t know at that moment… Now, I know–those little inspirational quotes bring a smile to my day. When I see “#GoalDigger,” I chuckle to myself, and continue to scuffle to the right page, scribbling down everything I need to accomplish on said day. I didn’t know it at Target, but those notes click something in my brain, getting me to focus and encourage me to be better.

You don’t need a planner to give you those positive notes; you can go ahead and scribble your own down and leave them in places you’ll find again later on. A.J. and I always motivate each other with sweet texts– but not everyone has an A.J. You just never know when and where you’ll find those inspirational messages you left yourself and how much they could mean to you on that day.


Gohlee, this one is kind of hard for me. I used to drink water like a crazy person–literally. I would drink SO much water; my mom’s friends actually used to make fun of me for it. Now, I find myself so busy I don’t make as much time for it. I wake up, grab a cup of coffee and go to work. By lunchtime, I probably have only had half of a glass of water.

We all know there are plenty of major health benefits from drinking water, so I won’t bore you with those. But, I will say, I have been making more of a focus of hydrating, and that starts with the moment I get up. Instead of indulging in a sweet mug of my favorite coffee, I have a big glass of water, eat a little something, and then reward myself with a coffee. Considering my coffee is an exciting part of my morning, this was a little tough for me to do, but I find myself not so dependent on that cup to get my day started. I also find myself drinking more water because of it, and my coffee has turned more into a reward–which is always nice.


Not really, no. I’m still me. I’m just evolving, growing up and learning what’s important in life. I’m learning everyday, and I’m enjoying the journey. Thanks for riding along with me. Now, here’s to 2018… more love, more smiles and more life lessons. Cheers!

*I love this outfit! That sweater is vintage and individually made by Furst of a Kind. My awesome cowboy rainboots are made by Donald J. Pliner with some black H&M high-waisted pants and my go-to: a black fringe handbag by deux lux.

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Starting 2018 on the right foot

  1. Happy New Year to U Ari! πŸŽ‰
    What a great read🎯 I love your content as much as your style. Congratulations on this successful venture!πŸŽ¬πŸ†

    1. bargainbosss says:

      Thank you so much Denise!! Thank you for reading!!!

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