Have you ever found yourself driving over to Starbucks on Christmas morning–one of the few stores open–in hopes that there’s still a cute gift card to throw in a stocking? Sometimes–or rather, more often than not–stocking stuffers get pushed to the last minute. Last year, I just filled A.J.’s with Christmas sweets; but this year, I’m giving you my roundup of awesome stocking stuffers–so there’s no excuses.

For Her


I’m going to start this list out with something I’ve already bought for some of my girlfriends–hopefully they got theirs before this article posted! If you’re anything like me or my friends, we are slightly obsessed with mermaids. Growing up in Huntington Beach, you can’t help but have a mermaid obsession. I saw this on SHOPBOP and immediately thought of my girlfriends back home. It may not be very often that they don’t finish a bottle of wine, but when they don’t, they’ll not only think of me, but will have a super cute accessory to keep the wine as fresh as can be. This mermaid tail bottle stopper is only $16 and would fit perfectly in any stocking.

Photo: Urban Outfitters

I got this for one of my girlfriends last year; if you have any friends who love the different phases of the moon, this is so cute and will totally get used. I love my little dishes for the jewelry I wear all the time; plus, they look so cute on my dresser. This crescent moon dish is just $14, and I know my girlfriend absolutely loved it. But, if your friends aren’t as obsessed with the moon, the lips catch all dish is only $12 and just as cute.

Photo: Urban Outfitters


Socks are like the quintessential stocking stuffer; everybody needs them, but you’re not going to actually waste pretty wrapping paper on socks. I love Hello Kitty and so does my sister-in-law and many of my girlfriends. These $8 socks are so worth it; plus, Urban Outfitters has a deal on them right now–buy 3 for $20! Maybe I’ll even stick them in my own stocking…

Photo: Target



For those who have Fujifilm Instax Mini Cameras, this is a perfect addition to their stocking. Film is pretty expensive, especially if you use your camera often. This gift won’t go to waste; plus, that means Christmas polaroids!

Photo: Shop Luna B




It’s pretty obvious if you scan my insta feed–I love chokers. My mom and I have been rocking them forever–even when no one else was. I think this one is a great addition to your choker collection; I love the long length and the ability to tie it up the way you’d like–too cute!

Photo: Nordstrom



I buy these candles every year; they smell so good, they’re so dang cute and they have a long burn life. Nordstrom has a deal right now–a pack of four Voluspa mini candles for $32; this knocks off four different stockings and the scents are totally worth it.

For Him

Photo: Urban Outfitters

Several years ago, I actually put this in A.J.’s stocking. He freaking LOVES sauces–and if they’re hot, that’s an added bonus. One of his favorites is Sriracha–but really, who doesn’t love Sriracha? For that special person in your life who loves Sriracha on everything–they may never use this, but it’s the thought that counts–and they’ll get a good laugh. Plus at $8, you really can’t go wrong.


Photo: Modcloth

This little carry-on cocktail kit is on several websites listed for at least $25, but I found one for $19.99! Not only is it super cute, unique and fun, but it also gives you everything you need to make your flight as painless as possible. It’s perfect for that person who flies often, or even someone taking a trip soon.

Photo: UGG


Since I already mentioned the importance of socks in your stockings, of course I’m going to put a pair on the men’s list as well. These UGG socks are only $16.50, and if you know UGG, you know they’re probably going to be the coziest and most comfortable socks ever made. Nuff said.

Photo: NFL Shop



If your man is anything like mine–a football fanatic–then NFL Shop should be on your list. The site has SO many different things under several price points. I find it easiest to filter the site by team to see all of the different items representing your fav team. My man is from Atlanta, so his team is the Atlanta Falcons; plus, he’s an awesome cook who loves spending his time in the kitchen. He may be finding this in his stocking this year…

Photo: Dick’s Sporting Goods

As the temperatures start to change, we are about ready to start living in beanies and warm clothes. A.J. likes Carhartt for the work grade durability, quality and manly style, and I like this grey beanie–especially for just $10! I’ll definitely be tossing this in his stocking. She shoots, she scores!

Photo: M&M

Gotta finish on a sweet note. A.J. loves chocolate, and what better way to surprise him with some M&M’s that have a personalized sweet–or sexy–note?



What do you think of this list? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

*How cute is that chalkboard sign?! I got it from World Market several years ago, but they tend to always have it during the holidays.

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Stocking stuffers: for her & him

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