In one week, many of us will be gathered around a table, devouring a Thanksgiving turkey and all of the tasty sides that make up the traditional meal. For me, the holidays remind me to be thankful; I have a handsome, loving husband, the best dog ever, and an amazing support system made up of family and friends. I can go on and on about myself and share the typical “50 things I’m thankful for,” but I think there’s something I can write about that’s more valuable–like all of the people who aren’t as fortunate and are secretly struggling.

Fortunately, a lot of communities share my sense of thankfulness and tend to give back during this time of year. What I want to share with you today is not about Thanksgiving celebrated as one day, but what should be 365 days.

As a former journalist, I reported on the overwhelming support by the community during the holiday season, but once the calendar hits the end of January, some of those non-profits that give back struggle. Donations stop coming in, and I’ve heard countless times from organizations that it isn’t able to give as much food or clothes to those that need it. Like many, I’ve met with some of those people; the working, single moms who can’t afford heat during the middle of winter, the homeless due to many unexpected variables and the list goes on.

This holiday season–and most importantly, beyond–I am going to focus on others and in whatever way I can, give back to my community. When the holidays are over–and my bank account takes a hit from all of the holiday splurges–I am going to remind myself of those who are struggling in ways I can’t even imagine, and to anyone who reads this, I challenge you to do this as well. Let’s think of Thanksgiving and the “season of giving” as something that is 365 days.

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Thanksgiving: what’s missing at the table

  1. rebecca l rakhshani says:

    What a wonderful way to look at Thanksgiving! 365 days a year.
    Great word Ariana!

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