It’s the seventh letter of the alphabet, and it has a three-digit price tag. This Gucci belt has been the it accessory; it seems everyone and their mother has this belt. I have drooled over my Instagram feed, scrolling from one picture to another with my eyes focusing on only one thing: this GG belt.

As someone who is always looking for a deal, I’ve been patiently waiting, looking on Poshmark almost daily for a steal of a deal. Obviously, that day hasn’t come yet. I decided to do some digging and found this belt; it doesn’t smell of leather or scream authenticity, but at first glance, it passes as the skinny GG, and the price tag is something I can absolutely work with.

Considering it hasn’t gotten too cold here in Bend, I pulled out a plaid skirt I had in my closet to pair with the skinny, subtle belt. It’s old–actually a hand-me-down from my mom!–made by RIANI. Although this 15+ year-old skirt probably can’t be found anywhere, I did find one that has a lot of sass and is similar–with an extremely affordable price. I decided to keep my outfit easy and chic–perfect for a day when you just want to throw on some clothes and run out the door (aka Monday, anyone?). My button down top is made by INC, but H&M is always a go to for some affordable blouses. Lastly, I completed the outfit with some minimal gold jewelry, my black LV clutch and some peep toe booties.

Although I paired the plaid skirt with a white button down top, don’t be afraid to experiment with other colors, patterns and textures. There are literally SO many ways this plaid skirt and black belt can be paired–opportunities are endless. I’ll definitely be rocking this skirt–and others–as much as I can. Winter is near–at least here in central Oregon!

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