It’s that moment that gives you all the feelings; you can’t help but be elated. You’re with your loved one, enjoying each other… and even though it’s not your birthday, you’re getting a gift–for no reason other than it’s Valentine’s Day. Who wouldn’t love that moment?

EXCEPT–what if I told you most people are probably getting the same exact thing? Roses and chocolates are synonymous with Valentine’s Day; I didn’t even have to say that, you probably were already thinking it. The National Retail Federation predicts 55% of celebrants will give candy, 45.9% will give cards, 35.6% will give flowers and 35.2% will go out to dinner. My question for you: why not stand out in this crowded world and completely wow your loved one with something different?


I’m such a fan of experiences instead of material things… Just ask my family. A.J. and I usually always get them gift cards for dinner or some other experience that they can do together. I think it’s so much more memorable and meaningful than anything else that could be given. How exciting and original would it be to open a box or a card and find a printout of what you two will be doing on whatever date? That’s what I call an amazing Valentine’s Day gift.

To find the best deal on awesome experiences you probably would never think of on your own, I recommend checking out Groupon in your city. In southern California, there’s always paddle boarding options on the website–maybe even a romantic, nighttime paddle? Here in central Oregon, there’s nighttime snowshoeing; wherever you are, there’s some type of romantic experience you can do with your loved one–and if it’s on Groupon, you may even get a few bucks off.


Pinterest is my best friend when it comes to DIYs… although most items get pinned and never seen again, there are some pins I return to and try to emulate. There are so many Valentine’s Day DIY gift ideas on the site that are so romantic and sweet and everything in between. Whether you’re creative or not, there’s something on the site that you’ll be able to copy. It could be a framed map of that state you two met in, with a heart cut out in the city it all began, or it could be something more advanced like scented rose wax melts. Whatever it is, there are so many creative gift ideas that are wallet-friendly and truly come from the heart.


I know, I know, it’s a little cliche, but what woman doesn’t love to receive some jewelry? It doesn’t have to be diamonds, it can be something unique and heartfelt. I love my A.J. ring and wear it literally every single day (ps it’s on sale!). Something like this is unique to you and your loved one, and it means more because it is a custom piece. There are a ton of online stores on Etsy that offer customized jewelry for great prices.

ICYMI: I did post an article on a custom and unique watch by JORD for a timeless Valentine’s Day gift. Make sure to check it out also!


Again, think about your love story; what are some words or phrases that define your love? Instead of just getting a box of chocolates, why not personalize the candy and put those phrases on some M&M’s? Not only is it romantic, but it’s also more meaningful than store-bought candy.


Do you two have a vacation coming up? Or do you have a nice shift in weather that should be approaching soon? What are some items that would be used that you both can enjoy together? Maybe you live in a place that’s been cold all winter and you both can’t wait for spring; what about an item for your man that has to do with grilling out? Or, maybe a new swimsuit for that vacation you both will be taking soon?


Although all of these gifts are totally different, they all have something in common–each gift takes time to think of; it’s not so automatic as roses and chocolates, it comes from the heart… and to me, that’s what makes it romantic and sweet.

Are you getting your S.O. a Valentine’s Day gift? Share your gifts in the comments below!

*Valentine’s Day makes me want to wear red and pink and of course, have a clutch in my hand. This top is an oldie–all the way back from high school! It’s made by Marc Jacobs. My black skinny jeans are Hudson, Fendi belt and a red leather clutch from Luna B.

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